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At Hometime, we believe that quality property management starts with a commitment to our customers who entrust us with their largest investment.

Since 2003, we've been perfecting the residential property management process and deliver services that are unmatched in Southern Alberta. We value our customers and are dedicated to making the rental process truly enjoyable for tenants and landlords.

Property Management


Market Rent Pricing

Getting the most out of your investment starts with pricing it right. Combined we have decades of experience pricing thousands of homes in the Lethbridge rental market.
Rent Pricing Expertise:
  • One of Lethbridge's most experienced Property Management teams
  • One of Lethbridge's largest databases of historical Market Rent values, exclusively for Hometime's customers use
  • In-House Systems Analyst with Associate Broker designation from RECA
  • Eight Licensed Property Managers on staff

Marketing Materials

Finding the ideal tenants means highlighting your properties features and our team of professionals are trained to ensure your properties marketing material attract the highest quality tenants.
Marketing Package:
  • Agents receive ongoing training on photographing properties.
  • Photo touch-up services using professional software and techniques.
  • Capability to digitally remove current tenants possessions from photos to get the property marketable quicker.
  • Fully compliant with all RECA advertising guidelines


When it comes to finding the ideal tenant, promoting your home to the widest audience is critical and Hometime is a leader in Social Marketing and Online listing services.
Industry Leading Advertising Package:
  • Kijiji:
    • Always displayed within the first few pages
  • Hometime's Email mailing list:
    • Lethbridge's largest, CASL compliant, For Rent mailing list with hundreds of active members
  • Facebook:
    • With thousands of followers, more followers than any other Property Management company in Lethbridge
  • Twitter:
    • With more followers than any other Property Management company in Lethbridge
  • Google Posts
  • LinkedIn

Property Showings

Our advertising and marketing package generates industry leading interest in your property and we have the communication systems to handle the inquiries in a timely manner and ensure the best tenants are selected for your property.
Showing Package:
  • Industry leading Facebook Response time.
  • Dedicated, full time, Customer Care Specialist on staff
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise grade communication systems.
  • Video Showings: FaceTime and Skype for Business support
  • Microsoft Booking software available

Tenant Screening

Hometime has been perfecting the tenant screening process since 2003 which helps to ensure the best tenant is selected for your property.
Screening Package:
  • Reference and credit checks
  • Dedicated agent to each property to ensure owner's desires are carried out
  • Full understanding of RTA (RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES ACT) with:
    • 5 agents licensed by RECA to practice Property management in Alberta +
    • 3 agents licensed by RECA with Broker designation

Lease Negotiation

A well written lease is the cornerstone to good tenant/landlord relations and Hometime has scrutinized its lease template to ensure owners are protected while still allowing the tenants sufficient freedoms to make the property feel like home.
Lease package:
  • Clauses tested within court system to ensure enforceability.
  • Full alignment with Alberta's RTA (RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES ACT).
  • Digital copies locked down to ensure accuracy.
  • Agents fully trained on lease clauses to ensure tenants questions can be answered and the agreement understood.

Property Inspections

Accurate assessment and documentation of property's state is imperative to ensuring the home retains its value. Hometime has the systems, tools and procedures in place to ensure inspections are carried out correctly.
Inspection Package:
  • Procedures for documenting inspections including forms and image storage
  • Fully backed-up document and image storage (Powered by Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint)
  • In house maintenance team to quickly address issues

Repair Services

Customers of Hometime also enjoy the benefit of having an in-house maintenance department at their disposal. Repairs are done promptly with your best interests in mind.
Repair Department:
  • Coordination of all home repairs and upgrades.
  • Historical repair records kept on each property.
  • Simplified billing, taken directly from monthly payout.
  • In-house cleaning and maintenance staff.

Rent Collection

Hometime offers tenants a variety of ways to pay rent to ensure ease and timeliness of collection.
Rent Collection Package:
  • We accept:
    • Interac Debit Card
    • Cheque
    • Post dated Cheques
    • Cash
    • Pre-authorized bank payment
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
  • Office with regular Mon-Fri business hours to securely receive monies
  • Full accounts payable/accounts receivable department to deal with banking and reporting

Collection Services

Although not the nicest part of the rental market industry, there are times when some tenants are unable to pay their debts. These are the times when an experienced Property Management company is invaluable.
Collections Department:
  • Policies and procedures to promote peaceful resolution of delinquent payments.
  • Assistance with sending to collections and litigation.
  • In depth knowledge of Alberta's RTA (RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES ACT).